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Benefits of using Photo-Stat’s secure services


We completely manage your medical record requests workload using our Certified employees, HIPAA compliant infrastructure, equipment, and supplies. All for FREE!


Are you up-to-date on all of the ever changing laws and regulations on releasing confidential Private Health Information (PHI). ? We are!


Reduce incoming calls, streamline productivity, and focus on what matters… patient care and office efficiency!

What are your current medical record requests Costing You?

Medical record requests are an unprofitable stress for many medical facilities across the country.

History shows that of all medical record requests received by a medical facility, over half are usually nonbillable. This makes the risk for HIPAA violations not worth the minimal profit if any for medical facilities to process their own requests.

Having a partner like Photo-Stat eliminates the downfalls of a facility processing and managing their own requests. From tying up your employees time to put in the request to fulfillment, medical record requests are often a no-win scenario financially and productively.

  • Loss of valuable time


    Medical record requests are quite time consuming from validating authorizations to annoying phone calls from requestors checking status on their requests. Medical records staff must be diligent in their processes to ensure that their medical facility remains compliant in fulfilling requests.

    With the services of Photo-Stat, medical facilities eliminate all of these tedious tasks so your staff can be more productive during the business day.

  • Lack of Technology


    Medical facilities have not invested in a secure infrastructure in the delivery of their medical records. This lack of security makes the medical facility vulnerable against HIPAA regulations and compliance standards.

    Photo-Stat’s state-of-the-art technology platform ensures medical facilities that the integrity of their patients’ medical records are always delivered protected and securely to all requestors.

  • Threat of Risk


    Traditionally, the medical record personnel position is an entry level position where little to no training has been given, making common mistakes such as releasing the wrong information much more common. These critical mistakes can put a medical facility in a very comprising deficit.

    With Photo-Stat’s bonded and highly experienced staff, these risks are removed from a medical facility’s concern.

  • Continuing Education


    Due to cutbacks in revenues in today’s healthcare, medical facilities do not have the resources to invest into their employees for the ever-changing laws in release of information.

    Photo-Stat goes the extra mile to ensure that our employees are qualified and knowledgeable about all release of information laws and regulations. We invest our resources to make sure that our employees are professionally trained. All Photo-Stat employees must pass a course to obtain their credentials in order to become a Certified HIPAA Security Professional (CHSP) and are required to attend a minimum of two continuing education courses per year.

  • Loss of Profits


    Continuing care, patients, insurance, workers compensation, Social Security, legal, disability, Business Office, RACs, HEDIS, Audit Reviews and Government agencies all represent medical record requests received by medical facilities. Only three of these are billable requests and the others are considered as courtesy requests.

    Calculate the high ratio of non-billable requests coupled with labor wages and benefits, possible replacement of equipment due from wear and tear, supplies, necessary covered insurance, postage, threat of not meeting necessary deadlines, replacing and continuing training of staff members you will find where this type of outsourcing service is popular throughout the nation.

The Photo-Stat Solution

Photo-Stat processes over a million pages of records a month for medical facilities who would rather concentrate on patient care and office efficiency.

and much more…

Have Certified HIPAA professionals who understand the whole release of information process manage and oversee the release of your Protected Health Information (PHI).


Become a Member Today… AT NO COST

Over 2,500 physicians utilize the services of Photo-Stat to process and transfer PHI (Protected Health Information) in a secure, HIPAA compliant environment. Our reputation of processing PHI for over 20 years speaks volumes in this ever changing environment.

Once you’ve had a chance to review our processes and procedures, you will learn that our cost effective HIPAA compliant process will never compromise the integrity of the patients PHI.


What Our Clients are Saying

Office Manager / Grapevine, Texas
Office Manager
I have used Photo-Stat for years and I appreciate the knowledge and education that our designated representative brings to our staff. It gives me peace of mind knowing that we are in constant compliance with releasing our medical records.
Randall Rancitelli
Charter Oak Insurance and Financial Services Co.
Charter Oak Insurance and Financial Services Co.
I couldn’t be more pleased with the level of service we’re getting from Bruce. I think it’s been absolutely fantastic so far
Medical Records Custodian / Tyler, Texas
Medical Records Custodian
Working with Photo-Stat takes the frustration out of dealing with medical records. With reliable and responsive staff, I know that my requests are being handled with the upmost attention.
Rocky Haire
Attorney / Haire Law Offices
Haire Law Offices
Photo-Stat has proven to be an industry leader in what they do. I always expect my requested records to be received timely and accurately. Photo-Stat delivers exactly that!! Bruce Hopper, one of the owners is very hands-on and is available at anytime that I need him.
Monica Busch
Billing Coordinator / Examination Management Services, Inc.
Examination Management Services, Inc.
I have always received fantastic service from Photo-stat. The timing and quality have always met expectations. Everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner in which I know keeps our cycle time down. Keep up the great work!
Physician / Abilene, Texas
I have a small practice where Photo-Stat’s service has allowed my staff to be much more productive.
Operations Manager / Dallas, Texas
Operations Manager
We have 13 locations and Photo-Stat has done wonders in helping us to streamline our processes for consistency and compliance.
Maureen Yett
New Business Director / MassMutual
Mass Mutual
I must obtain medical records from all over the country and by far Photo-Stat is the best medical record copying service that I have ever dealt with.
B.H Office Manager / Waco, Texas
Practice Administrator
As a Practice Administrator over multiple facilities, Photo-Stat has the perfect solution that will not interrupt our office workflow, plus the opportunity to respond to our medical record requests in a very timely manner.
Practice Manager / Fort Worth, Texas
Practice Manager
We are extremely satisfied with the service your organization performs for us. It has helped my front office staff as well as getting our patients taken care of in a timely manner.
Associate / Records Deposition Services
Records Deposition Services
"I’ve been doing this 29 years and this is my favorite copy service...They’re the best at what they do."
Sheryl Warner
RN, CQM / United Healthcare
United Healthcare
Phillip I wanted to thank you and your staff for your kind cooperation during this past HEDIS season. As you well know that these types of requests presents difficult challenges for all and Photo-Stat provided excellent service in the accuracy and timeliness of delivering United Healthcare our records. It was a joy working with your company and look forward to working with you again.
Administrator / Jackson, Mississippi
Photo-Stat’s solutions have allowed my medical records department to become….virtual.
Leah Jackson
Program Coordinator / Episource
I have recently started working with Photo-Stat and the experience has been great. After I was able to coordinate with Phillip and get ChartSwap up and going on my end it has been so much smoother with the process of requesting records and downloading them in an easy and efficient manner and our retrieval numbers have increased quite a bit. When my staff learns that Photo-Stat services medical facilities where we need records we know to expect a quick turnaround time. I look forward to continuously working with Photo-Stat and growing our partnership.

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